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If you are in need of a little dental work and aren’t sure where to turn, then perhaps same-day crowns could be the solution you’re looking for. What are same-day crowns? Let’s go into a little detail.


What Are Same-Day Crowns?


Same-day crowns are used as your typical dental crowns. In fact, they’re pretty much identical to traditional crowns, but they can be created in a couple of hours. Traditional ones will typically take around two weeks to make and will be fabricated in an off site laboratory.


What Are The Benefits?


They’ll Restore The Function Of Teeth Straight Away

Same-day crowns allow you to eat, smile, and talk just like how you ordinarily would. You’d think this would happen after receiving any kind, but traditional crowns typically mean that you’ll have to be a little more careful while you wait for the permanent crowns to arrive. There are even times where you may need to follow a specific diet so that the temporary crown does not fall out – this will never be the case with same-day crowns. 


Do Not Decay

Temporary crowns will sometimes come off. During the time they are off, more tooth decay can happen. Same-day crowns don’t allow this to happen.


If same-day crowns sound like they might be for you, then perhaps Thayer Dental Care can help out. With experience and expertise, the staff will be able to provide you with everything you need. 


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