Mercury Free Restorations

 in Thayer, MO

What Are Mercury Free Restorations?

Amalgam (silver and mercury) is the metal that has been used for fillings for the past hundred years and more. After more research has been conducted, it is believed that it is far better for you to stay away from mercury as much as possible – so putting it in your mouth doesn’t seem like the best idea. As such, alternatives had to be made, and these are mercury free. So, instead of using mercury to restore your teeth, there are now mercury free options! These include white composite fillings, ceramic fillings, lab made inlays and onlays, ceramic crowns, gold fillings and more.  

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What Are The Benefits?

The first benefit is that they look natural. You used to only have two options which were mercury and gold filling, both of which you can tell have been done by a dentist. The mercury free options that are available now are designed to blend in with your teeth, so nobody has to know that you have had any kind of dental work if you do not want them to.

Another benefit is the fact that mercury free restorations are extremely durable. By this, we mean that they are unlikely to fall out or be pulled out without extreme force. While with some dental procedures you need to be careful with what you eat, this is not the case with these. If you live in Thayer, Missouri, you can talk to your local dentist about mercury free restorations and they will be able to give you more in depth advice about the aftercare. 

One of the biggest benefits though, is the fact that it is better for your overall health. Mercury poisoning is very real, and happens when there is a toxicity that comes from mercury consumption. Mercury at its very core is a toxic metal which is why you need to be careful with how much you consume or are exposed to. As such, using a mercury free option is going to be better for your health, as there is no chance of you getting mercury poisoning from swallowing the filling, or anything like this. 

While some restorations can take multiple appointments to sort out, your mercury free restorations can be completed all in the same day. There will be no need for you to leave and come back again which is especially important if you travel to Thayer especially for your dental appointment. 

As well as this, you will find that many of the mercury-free options are actually far better for the environment. Composite and glass ionomers are mercury-free and there has been no evidence that either of these have any environmental toxicity. Mercury, as we discussed, can be dangerous, not just for humans but for the environment so the alternatives should be considered. 

Glass ionomers, one of the mercury free restorations, are actually more accessible and less expensive than amalgam, making them an attractive option. Dentistry isn’t cheap in Missouri, or anywhere, so finding a budget option is important for a lot of people.