BPS Lower Suction Dentures

 in Thayer, MO

Dentures are an excellent way to restore and enhance your smile if you are missing most or all of your teeth. At Thayer Dental Care, we offer a couple of different styles of dentures that are guaranteed to give you a fantastic smile while enhancing your quality of life. Due to new dental findings, dentures have become more comfortable and stationary through implant-supported dentures and BPS lower suction dentures. 

For patients who have worn conventional dentures before, their most common complaint is the bottom arch of teeth. It has been reported that they can slip and cause sores on the gums. With lower suction dentures, patients can still reap the benefits of conventional dentures without slipping and extra adhesive. 

BPS Lower Suction Dentures  Dentures Thayer dental care dentist in Thayer MO

How Do They Work?

Just as their name states, the dentures suction onto the bottom gums to be secured into place. Japan’s Dr. Jiro Abe created a unique impression technique that captures the natural shapes of the oral cavity. As a result, there is a firm seal around the entire periphery of the denture and suction to keep dentures in place.

The unique impression needs patients to make precise sounds and movements while the impression material is in their mouth. The movements are captured by the imprint material and incorporated into the new lower denture.


What is the Lower Suction Dentures Process?

First, you will undergo an initial evaluation in which we will check your current dentures, ask about your denture-wearing experience, and determine whether you will benefit from switching to BPS suction dentures. In the next phase, you will be requested to make certain sounds and motions using your face and mouth muscles throughout the imprinting procedure. The imprint material then records these movements. The bottom denture is designed to suction down the arch and soft tissues, forming a seal and reducing the denture base over expansions. Once the impressions have been made, we will send off the impressions to the lab for fabrication, and we will later call you for a try-in. The dentures will be checked for balance, and further adjustments may need to be made to ensure they fit correctly.


Are BPS Lower Suction Dentures Right for You?

The dentist will examine your oral tissues and go over your complete oral health history to determine whether suction dentures are right for you. We look out for in deciding your candidacy if your bone and tissues are healthy and strong enough to support the denture. 

If your oral structure is not ideal for suction dentures, you may still benefit from them due to their comfort. 


Suction Denture Benefits

  • Lower suction dentures can improve your quality of life through newfound confidence. 
  • Because they are suctioned onto your gums, you won’t have to worry about experiencing any embarrassing moments of your dentures becoming loose. 
  • Suctioning eliminates the need for a messy adhesive that traditionally is used. 
  • It is customized to every detail of your mouth for a comfortable and natural fit. 
  • Some patients may want a more stable denture but are too afraid or don’t want to get implants. Suction dentures allow anyone to benefit. 


Why Should I Choose Suction Dentures?

So, what makes suction dentures superior to the other options? The results, for many patients, speak for themselves. Dentures held in place by suction do not float around in the mouth. Plus, you don’t need surgery to get a completely new smile. Suction dentures are a long-term, permanent solution that many patients find manageable. However, it doesn’t mean that other dentures aren’t suitable or advised for certain people. Suction lower dentures are an innovative, highly effective technology for overcoming challenges such as adhesives, implant surgery, and stability issues.

We encourage you to take advantage of the lower suction dentures that we offer here at Thayer Dental Care. If you are looking for a lower dentures dentist in Thayer, MO, please give us a call to schedule your consultation appointment today!