Local Dentist Near Alton, MO

About Dr. Samir Patel – Thayer Dental Clinic

Dr. Patel has always operated as a local dentist, providing people in the community of Alton, MO, with a comprehensive dental treatment. His practice prevents them from having to travel to different clinics to get the care that they need. He earned his doctorate in Dental Medicine in 2008 and has continued ever since to provide exceptional patient care through TDC ever since. Thayer Dental Care is committed to using the latest dental technologies, providing patients with both comfort and state-of-the-art care. 

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The Alton Community

Alton is the county seat of Oregon County in Missouri. The small town of around 1,000 people (some 250 families), has two schools: Alton High School and Alton Elementary School. The first census shows that there have been people living in Alton since at least the 1870’s, with the area experiencing the most dramatic population boom during the 1920’s with the growth in the milling industry. 

While Alton is a small community, there’s still plenty to do. The local Greer Spring provides an exciting area for nature-lovers to explore. There’s also a canoe rental where people can hire canoes and take a tour of the local surroundings via the numerous rivers and streams which criss-cross the areas. 

The population in Alton, MO, is relatively young, with the average age of residents of 39. More than a third of all households have one or more children.