All-on-4 Permanent Retained Implants

 in Thayer, MO

When helping our patients at Thayer Dental Care with teeth restorations, we promise to give you the very best appliances possible. It is very common to experience tooth loss, and many restorative options are much quicker and easier than you might expect. Restoring any missing teeth can improve the look of your smile, as well as your overall oral health.

If you are missing most of your teeth on either the top or the bottom portion of your smile, we would encourage you to continue reading about the different permanent retained implant bridges we offer and how they can benefit you. 

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One major benefit of the permanent implant bridge is that it is permanently placed in your mouth and requires almost no maintenance. “All on 4” refers to the four implants that will be used to place a retained implant bridge. 

A dental implant is a titanium rod that is surgically inserted into your jaw bone, then surrounded by gum tissue. This implant will act as the new root for your tooth. With a restoration, such as the retained bridge, there are only 4 implants placed to support the entire piece. Having 2 implants in the front of the arch and 2 in the back provides excellent support for the rest of the artificial teeth.

What are the benefits of implants? Other than the fact that the implants allow for the restoration to become a permanent fix into your smile, they also improve the health of your teeth and jawbone. Speaking and chewing stimulates the roots and jaw bone and strengthens your teeth. If teeth are missing, stimulation does not occur and deterioration can start. 

Bridge Restoration 

The bridge restoration piece of the implant effectively replaces your teeth and gums and will make your smile whole again. This full arch of teeth is custom made to fit into your smile perfectly in the exact shape, size, and color of your natural teeth. 

Each tooth is made out of a material called porcelain that allows for protection against decay or cavities. With a retained implant bridge, you will never have to worry about your artificial teeth decaying or falling out. It is still important to brush and floss your implants regularly, just like your natural teeth, to keep them clean and working for you. 

Thayer Dental Care provides the best of “all on 4” permanent retained implant bridges available, and at a faster speed thanks to our onsite denture lab. Our lab also allows us to monitor the quality of your implant, and ensure the perfect fit.

Please give us a call at our Thayer, Missouri office to learn more about our restorative options.