General Dentistry thayer mo Dr. Samir Patel D.D.S. Dr. Chyrelle Blount D.D.S. Thayer Dental Care. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative Family Dentistry dentist in Thayer, MO 65791Thayer Dental Care offers the latest technology to give you the best smile in a fraction of the time and cost of other dental care providers. We treat our patients like family and strive to maintain a laid-back atmosphere. And we provide comprehensive dental care, including cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry in Thayer, Missouri.

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What is General Dentistry?

You brush your teeth twice daily, floss daily, and use mouthwash. So, does that mean you don’t need to see a dentist? Not necessarily. Even if you take great care of your teeth at home, you still need to see a dentist for professional cleanings and checkups. That’s where general dentistry comes in. 

General dentistry is the branch of medicine that deals with diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases and disorders of the teeth, gums, and jaws. As general dentistry providers, we are trained to provide a wide range of dental services, from preventive care to restorative procedures. Our team of highly skilled professionals at Thayer Dental Care can help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health.  


Importance of General Dentistry

Maintaining good oral health is vital for both your physical and mental well-being. Oral health problems can cause pain, infection, and even loss of teeth. When left untreated, these problems can lead to more severe health issues such as heart disease and stroke. 

Regular visits to the dentist can help prevent these problems before they start. During routine cleanings and checkups, we can identify and treat any issues that may arise. We also offer preventive treatments such as sealants and fluoride treatments that can help reduce your risk of developing cavities or other problems in the future. 


Services Offered by Thayer Dental Care 

As your general dentistry care provider, our services include the following: 

Routine Cleanings and Checkups 

Many people only realize the importance of routine cleanings and checkups once it’s too late. By then, they may be dealing with a severe problem you could have easily avoided. That’s why it’s so important to visit us regularly. Even if your teeth seem healthy, there could be problems lurking below the surface. Plaque and tartar can build up over time, leading to decay and gum disease. But you can easily prevent these problems with routine cleanings. During a cleaning, our team will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and any stains or deposits. We will also check for any signs of decay or other problems. And because we catch problems early, they can often be treated quickly and easily. So don’t wait until you have a problem to see the dentist. Schedule an appointment today for a routine cleaning and checkup. Your teeth will thank you!


Many people are familiar with the silver fillings that dentists have used for years to repair cavities. However, a new generation of dental fillings is made from tooth-colored composites. Composite fillings are very strong and durable, and we can match them to the color of your teeth, so they are virtually invisible. In addition, composites bond very tightly to tooth enamel, which helps to prevent further tooth decay. Ask your dentist about composite fillings if you are considering a dental filling. You may be surprised at how natural they look!

Root Canals

A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or infected. During the procedure, our team removes the tooth’s pulp (the inner core), cleans it out, and then seals it with a unique filling material. Root canals can be very effective in saving a damaged or diseased tooth. So if you are experiencing pain or other symptoms of a damaged tooth, be sure to contact us immediately so we can assess the situation and determine if a root canal is the best option for you.


General Dentistry in Thayer, MO

Your oral health is vital for your overall well-being. That’s why finding a dentist you trust is so important. We strive to forge long-term relationships with our patients so you can benefit from quality dental care from someone you know and who understands your dental needs.

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