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Dentures can be an effective replacement for missing teeth, helping you maintain a full smile, and helping you with everyday actions such as eating and even speaking.

There are different types of dentures out there, helping you choose from a range of options to suit your lifestyle and preferences. Understanding the benefits of different types of dentures can help you feel more confident in your choice.

Learn about the different types of dentures in our helpful guide.


Full dentures

Full dentures are a long-lasting solution to replace missing teeth. Consisting of a full set for the top and bottom of your mouth, they’re held in place through suction to give you a complete smile and restore your confidence. Denture adhesives can help provide further security and to stop bits of food becoming trapped.


Partial dentures

If you only have a few teeth that need replacing, partial dentures can help fill the gaps. Partial dentures are affixed to existing teeth using clips, making them easy to wear or remove as needed.


Temporary/immediate dentures

Temporary (also known as immediate) dentures can be fixed in place immediately after the removal of teeth. Temporary dentures can be an interim solution while you wait for your permanent dentures to be created and fitted. The great thing about temporary dentures is that they allow you to try out wearing dentures for a while first, helping you become used to them by the time your own custom ones are fitted.


Fixed bridge

Fixed bridges involve cementing an artificial tooth to existing teeth as a permanent replacement, creating a more natural look.


Implant-supported dentures

Implant-supported dentures are attached by a screw to a surgical implant, helping to create a permanent replacement for a missing tooth. 



A dental implant is surgically affixed to your jawbone, creating a permanent fusion in time that can be used with a prosthetic tooth to help create a natural-looking, permanent replacement for missing teeth. Implants are a popular choice of denture in Thayer, MO.


Cantilever bridges

If there are no supporting teeth on one side of where a gap exists (such as molars, for example), a cantilever bridge can be used to provide support from one or more teeth on the other side.


Snap-on dentures

Snap-on dentures allow crowns to be ‘snapped’ on or off an implant that is surgically inserted into the jaw bone, providing flexibility and comfort as needed. They provide a secure alternative to other kinds of dentures.


Getting dentures in Thayer, Missouri

Choosing the right type of denture is an important decision, which is why it’s important to visit a dentist you can trust. Thayer Dental Care specialize in dentures in Thayer, Missouri, helping you feel at ease when choosing the right dental care for you. From advising you on the best type of dentures for your needs, they will carry out the treatments and help leave you with a natural-looking smile that will restore your confidence.


Find out more about dentures in Thayer, MO, by getting in touch with Thayer Dental Care today.

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