From children going for their first appointment to adults looking for a comprehensive approach to cosmetic and restorative dentistry, Thayer Dental Clinic offers precisely what you need. With a bespoke approach to dentistry focusing on your individual goals, paired with a level of compassionate service that aims to make you as comfortable as possible, we aim to be your number one family dentist in Thayer, Missouri.


An extensive range of services to meet all your needs

At Thayer Dental Clinic, we offer a very wide range of treatments for both adults and kids. We go through a consultation with all of our patients to learn what their goals are and to recommend the best treatment possible. As such, we can offer all of the general and preventative care that you expect, but also the cosmetic dentistry that can make you smile with confidence and the restorative treatments that can help you replace missing teeth and restore both the look and function of a healthy mouthful of teeth.


Making quality dental care affordable

On our web page, you can take a closer look at the Special Offers page at any time, which will show all of the latest offers we have on a wide range of treatments and products. We aim to make quality dental care affordable to all of our patients, so feel free to ask about what the latest treatments on offer are during your appointment and see if you can benefit from some highly cost-effective care.


Dr. Samir Patel, our general and cosmetic dentist

Dr. Patel leads the team at Thayer Dental Care with a Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the Medical College of Georgia. However, since earning his degree, he has endeavored to continue learning new and more effective and efficient treatments. For instance, we offer Solea Laser Dentistry that can result in us performing treatments without having to use the drill once. This anesthetic-free, drill-free, and pain-free technology allows us to get through appointments much more quickly, but with all the care and precision that you would expect. 


Why choose Our Thayer Dental Clinic?

There are no dental care providers in Thayer, Missouri that have the kind of reputation for excellent results and quality service that is provided by Thayer Dental Care. Simply take a look at the reviews to learn what our past patients have to say about Dr Patel, his team, and the kind of service they received while with us. As the highest-rated dentist in Thayer, we are proud to serve all your dental needs, with low prices, modern technology, and some of the highest standards of care you will find anywhere, be it in Thayer, Missouri or beyond.


Get in touch with Thayer Dental Care today

Whether you’re looking for help with something specific or you simply want a better dentist to help you take care of your smile, Thayer Dental Care is here to answer any questions you may have to help you arrange your first appointment. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Thayer office today.

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